Inside the Ducati Panigale 1199s

When it comes to racing bikes, Ducati has always managed to live up to your expectations. It is a dream come true for all the engineers and designers who see this bike as a step towards their victory. Nonetheless, with so many awards and win, the Ducati Panigale is a sure shot dream bike for every sports bike fanatic. Talking about Ducati Panigale 1199, it is the ultimate innovation of its kind which has been manufactured to take on the entire sports bike environment. It boasts of superb riding experience, top class rider aids and a fantastic look. If you are sports bike geek, riding this bike will be a dream come true.

The model highlights

The latest Ducati Panigale bike
 comes in two flagship models, Panigale S and Panigale S Tricolor. Both these models have waved way for the success of Panigale Superbikes. Coming to the design, the latest model has gone way beyond the barrier of motorbike design as well as engineering to bring out a class apart model. The bike features the latest Ducati Course derived solution using the World Championship style technology.

Just with one click on the button, the bike is ready to take on the road. In fact, the Riding Mode theme delivers good performance with improved rider confidence through seven best technologies. Even the TFT has undergone massive changes in 1199 to meet the user’s needs. Apart from this, the Ducati Electronic Suspension, Engine Brake Control, Ducati Electronic Suspension, Ride-by-Wire, etc are all included in the model to make it user-friendly and offer a great riding experience.

The dry weight of the model is around 367lb and wet weight comes around 420lb.

Riding modes at a glance

There are several riding modes included in Ducati Panigale 1199 using some of the finest technologies. Talking about the race riding mode, it provides you with about 195hp. Interestingly, the race mode reduces the Ducati Traction Control along with direct Ride By Wire throttle. Coming to the sports riding mode, this is similar to the race riding mode but offers a smooth Ride By Wire throttle. Wet riding mode offers you 120hp with smooth Ride By Wire throttle once again along with suspension set up in the S model to help in low grip condition.

Top speed

When talking about speed, the latest Ducati model doesn’t disappoint you at all. If you are sports bike or super bike addict, this bike lives up to your expectations quite well. The top speed offered is around 186mph. Compared to the other similar models from Ducati, this one is really a catch. That’s not all, it is even capable of matching up to 250kph even with loads of power in reserve.


As on 2015,the Panigale 1199 price is around $26,990. However, Panigale 1199 S is priced around $33,990 and Panigale 1199 R is around $42,990 approximately. The prices are subjected to vary depending on the features and other policies.

There is no doubt Ducati Panigale 1199 has little competition. With such superb features and a class apart look, this superbike is every bike lover’s dream come true.



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